State-of-the-Art Dental Equipment & Technology

Staying ahead of the field in terms of technology and equipment is an important part of what we are about at Stowe Family Dentistry. We use state-of-the-art dental equipment and techniques that enable us to be more proactive with treatment, offer less invasive procedures when available, and, at times, offer more comfortable treatment options.

At Stowe Family Dentistry we offer:

  • CEREC (same-day crowns) - this technology allows us to fabricate and deliver all-ceramic, tooth-colored crowns in just one visit. The crowns are incredibly life-like and eliminate the need for the two visits needed for traditional crowns.
  • Digital X-rays - our X-ray technology reduces radiation exposure by 60-90%, produces instant images, and provides better diagnostic results.
  • Intra-oral cameras - this technology permits our patients to see what their mouth and teeth look like magnified. It is an excellent educational tool for all patients and the enlarged images augment our diagnostic accuracy.
  • Phase microscopy - a phase microscope gives us a full understanding of the bacteria in a patient’s mouth. With this information we can better determine a patient’s risk for dental decay and/or periodontal disease. Early detection leads to prevention and early intervention.
  • Air abrasion - essentially a sand blaster for teeth, air abrasion allows us to repair small cavities without local anesthesia (no numbing!). This is a great technique for children and adults alike.
  • CO2 Laser - the laser is used for various soft tissue surgeries, such as gum surgery. The use of the laser ensures little discomfort and very rapid healing.
  • Steri-Center - this is a room entirely dedicated to the sterilization of all the instruments that we use. We also have a full-time staff member in charge of sterilization techniques.